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After Decades of using Plastic Bags for Carrying, Shopping & Promotional Activities, people tend to get boredom & look to replace with something which is new, modern, trendy, attractive, exclusive yet economical. Jute bags, Cotton bags were the substitutes but the price factor doesn’t help them compete.

The evolution of Non Woven Bags filled the vacuum with its sheer vibrancy of colours, smoothness of textures, variety of wovens, patterns & designs.

The Properties of Non-woven Bags are :

1. Reusable
2. Recyclable
3. Exclusive yet Economical
4. Variety of Colors & Thickness Available
5. Scratch Free
6. Smear Proof
7. Washable
to name a few.

Non Woven Bags As Carrier Bags:

Supermarkets, Hypermarkets tend to find bags which are economical, low range as they have to pack stuffs & give to their clients without charging a single pie for it. The ultrasonic machines which has high speed having capacity to manufacture almost lac bags per day helped manufacture D cut Non Woven bags & U Cut Non-Woven bags at low cost, nearly the cost of such bags going as same as Plastic Bags of same size. The flexibility of customized sizes, various thickness & printing options made it a natural big choice for people to use & reuse it in the most economical way.

The Ultrasonic U Cut Non Woven Bags have broad side Gazette or boxes on sides which enables them to pack items of any Dimension & Sizes.


Non Woven Bags As Shopping Bags

Suppose a lady going for shopping needs to pack her Wallets, Napkins, Children Cloths or Diapers etc. in a certain type of bag which can be easily carried, can be tucked on to the shoulder; What is the best option in your view?
The Hand Stitched Non Woven Shopping Bags are a perfect fit for such applications.

Handstitched Non Woven Bags are comparatively made in higher thickness, are hand stitched to carry enough weight, can be zipped for security & can be partitioned into various sections.

In addition, these bags are light weight & if the handles are stitched long enough, people can easily carry on the shoulders & the bags can be embedded with stones, designer artifacts printed with custom messages make it look more trendy & exquisite. All these properties helped non woven create its own niche market in a short span of time.

Promotion View:

Forget a 30 second Ads on TV or a 300cc space in newspaper as an effective brand building exercise. These non woven bags are traditional, yet effective way to reach the target audience with an effective message through the effective medium.
From the moment a person walk out with the bags, he carries a brand not only on his mind but also in his hand. A long term impression is engraved in the minds of the carrier as well as the users to stimulate them to purchase this product in future.Non Woven Bags are a very innovative medium to fulfill this need & thus a very good source of promoting your brand.
Exhibitions & Trade Fairs:

In Exhibitions & Trade Fairs, the participation is of a class who are likely in the same field or someone who needs your products on a regular basis.In Short, it’s a audience who needs to be targeted smartly, where your ROI can be quite high.

It’s a common way of distributing Brochures,Fliers,Leaflets,Free Samples which are widely & freely distributed on a large scale. Visitors tend to interact with exhibitors,see the samples,check the live production but at the same time,tend to find some solutions to put all the samples & promotional stuffs received.At the same time,your products or brand needs the maximum exposure as the maximum visitors are looking for your products,probably your future customer or related to your business or products.The dual application of promoting your brand while making the visitors feel ease to pack promotional stuffs & samples gives you an edge as compared to other exhibitors.

Also, don’t go for smaller bags of size A4 & A3.All the small bags find their way in to one big Bag for ease to carry all.Always print bags if you are participating in any exhibitions or trade fairs.The cost is just peanuts as compared to the publicity of your products & brand.

Thanks to the modern technologies,Multicolour Printed non Woven Bags give you a wide options to showcase you products,brand logos in an infinite range of colours with crisp sharpness,unmatched clarity & marvelous results.
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